June 2008 Regional Update


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June 6, 2008

In This Issue:
• GiftLegacy: planned giving donor newsletter
• We need your input for 2008-09 Essential Questions series
• CFO honors donors at annual donor dinner
• “Making a Difference” series continues
• New funds

FACT: Out of CFO’s total charitable asset base of $145 million, regional and rural funds account for approximately $55 million (38%) of total assets. Prior to the 2000 launch of the Foundation’s Philanthropy Initiative, total regional funds made up less than 5% of the total assets.

GiftLegacy: planned giving donor newsletter

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks is pleased to announce a new service that is available to you and your donors. We are introducing a planned giving newsletter for donors that will be distributed weekly through email. This newsletter will feature the latest information on thoughtful planned giving strategies, as well as provide updates on legislative action that may impact financial and charitable matters.

Sign up to receive this newsletter on the web at http://cfozarks.giftlegacy.com/contact.jsp?P=2&WebID=GL2008-1187. Or just reply to this email and we’ll take care of it for you.

We hope that this newsletter along with our enhanced donor services website will assist you and your potential donors in considering planned charitable giving. I think that you also will enjoy the wide variety of Ozarks’ stories that appear on our website, www.cfozarks.org. This is just another aspect of our efforts to promote philanthropy throughout our region.

Please remember that my CFO staff members are always happy to visit with you about your Community Foundation’s donor’s charitable goals. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

We need your input

The Essential Questions series is one of the professional development opportunities we are pleased to offer our regional affiliate foundations. We are now in the process of developing the next series of presentations, and it is essential that we receive your feedback and input about topics you feel would be helpful to you for future presentations.

What we’d like to ask from you, is to visit our blog and post a comment(s) with your suggestions for future Essential Questions presentations. Just go to this address, http://www.cfozarks.org/2008/05/19/2008-09-essential-questions-series/, and submit your suggestions. We can cover broad topics like sustainability strategies or planned giving to the more specific like marketing/PR or a specific development tactic.

You can view and listen to past Essential Questions presentations on our web site at, http://www.cfozarks.org/essential-questions-series/.

CFO honors donors at annual dinner

CFO held its annual donor celebration on Tuesday, June 3 at the home of Mr. Larry and Dr. Nancy O’Reilly. More than 200 people attended the event, and affiliate community foundations were well represented, with guests coming from Cuba, Lockwood, West Plains, Monett, Gainesville and many other Ozarks communities.
At the event, donors who established funds during the current fiscal year were recognized and thanked for their important contributions. This year donors and organizations throughout the region have made approximately $24 million in contributions, a fantastic number that underscores their commitment to our region. The year’s contributions go hand in hand with another important milestone celebrated at the dinner, topping the $50 million mark in charitable grants and distributions since the Foundation’s inception in 1973. To date, the Foundation made more than $12 million in grant and distributions this fiscal year, a record level that heralds great things to come.

Outgoing board members Ron Neville, the current chairman, Nancy O’Reilly, and Patti Holt were honored for their service to the Foundation. The evening concluded with remarks from Sally Baird, incoming board chairperson.
A special thanks to the O’Reilly’s for hosting the event, and a thanks to all who attended.

KSMU “Making a Difference Where You Live” series continues

KSMU and CFO have once again partnered for the quarterly “Making a Difference Where You Live” series. The most recent edition featured the Aurora Area Community Foundation, including interviews with AACF President Randy Howard and Aurora resident Carolyn Cook, speaking about the Ed Cook Memorial Scholarship Fund. You can listen to this episode and the complete series on the KSMU web site at, http://www.ksmu.org/webaudio/MAD/.

Making a Difference is a collaboration between CFO and KSMU that focuses topics exploring how volunteerism and philanthropic efforts address community needs across the Ozarks.

New Funds

A complete list of all new funds established in May is available on our web site, http://www.cfozarks.org/2008/06/06/may-2008-new-funds/.