KSMU’s Making a Difference Focuses on Giving Studies

The most recent “Making a Difference Where You Live” segment on KSMU focuses on two studies about national giving patterns. The How America Gives study, published by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, digs deep into the demographics of every county and ZIP code in the nation to produce giving trends by location and discretionary income levels.

And many of the results are surprising.

Making a Difference producer Mike Smith investigates how the Ozarks and Missouri are represented in the study. His story includes comments from CFO’s Senior Vice President of Philanthropy and Regional Community Partnership Michael Chatman, as well as Nancy Hawk, president of the Douglas County Community Foundation’s board of governors and Council of Churches of the Ozarks Executive Director Mark Struckhoff.

You can hear the segment by clicking here. You can listen to an archive of Making a Difference segments at KSMU’s website, or find CFO-specific links in our archives.

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