May 2008 Agency Partners update


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Endowment Partners Update
May 19, 2008

In This Issue:
• Making a Difference Where You Live series on KSMU
• CFO needs your input
• GOLD accepting applications
• New Funds

Making a Difference Where You Live

CFO and KSMU have partnered for the quarterly Making A Difference Where You Live series on KSMU. The most recent piece featured the Aurora Area Community Foundation. You can listen to this feature as well as archived features from past years on KSMU’s web site at

We need your input

The Essential Question series wrapped for the year on April 24 with a presentation from Carol Silvey, CFO’s Senior Associate for Advancement, titled How do we engage Donors in our Organizations? That presentation along with all others from the Essential Questions series are available for download on our web site at

The Essential Questions series is one of the professional development opportunities we are pleased to offer to the nonprofit community we are fortunate enough to partner with. We are now in the process of developing the next series of presentations, and it is essential that we receive input from our partners about topics they feel would be helpful to them for future presentations.

What we’d like to ask from you, is to visit our blog and post a comment(s) with your suggestions for future Essential Questions presentations. Just go to this address,, and submit your suggestions. We can cover broad topics like sustainability strategies or planned giving to the more specific like marketing/PR or a specific development tactic.

GOLD accepting applications for Class of ’08 – ‘09

The Greater Ozarks Leadership Development (GOLD) program is now accepting applications for the 2008-2009 class. Classes will meet monthly, at locations throughout the region, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dates: October 3 & 4 (Opening Retreat), November 12, December 10, January 14, February 11, March 10 & 11 (Capitol Visit), April 8, May 13, June 10 (Graduation Banquet.) Session days will cover topics such as Economic Development, Funding Resources, Education, Workforce Development, Infrastructure, Quality of Life, Leadership Skills, and Communications.

More information is available on the GOLD web page at,

New Funds

CFO welcomed two new Endowment Partners this month, the Ava Public Schools Foundation and the Clinton Animal Rescue Endeavor. 8 new funds have been established since the beginning of the month, and seven of those were established by Endowment Partners. For a complete list of new funds, visit our web site at