Chocolate University breaks ground on Cause Momentum-funded Tanzania school

The students and supporters who journeyed to Tanzania this month with Shawn Askinosie’s Chocolate University program have returned, and they leave behind the groundwork for two new classrooms at Mububu Elementary school, funded in part by more than $6,100 raised via the CFO’s Cause Momentum crowdfunding site.

The project, which ran from late May until early July surpassed its goal by more than $400, which allowed the students to also purchase textbooks for the more than 1,800 students who attend the crowded building. An anonymous donor matched the original project goal of $5,700.

The project was an “extra” for the crew of high school students, for whom the trip to Tanzania was the culmination of a year-long immersion in the chocolate business. The students learn how Askinosie sources its cocoa beans and works with native farmers from “bean to bar,” eventually looping the natives back in with a cut of the profits.

Thanks to all who donated to the project, and to Shawn, the students and the volunteers who traveled to Tanzania to get their hands dirty!