Updates to Springfield community grantmaking program announced

Unrestricted grantmaking programs allow the Foundation, in our work with area leaders and service organizations, to identify and develop effective answers to the challenges facing our community: local resources for local solutions to local issues. Community Foundation of the Ozarks continues to improve the means by which we deliver on our promise to give something back to the community, and in keeping with that effort we are pleased to announce several new features for our Metropolitan Springfield Community Grantmaking Program, including an exciting new partnership with the Musgrave Foundation.

The Metropolitan Springfield program will distribute approximately $780,000 for the 2008-2009 fiscal year. Of this amount, CFO budgeted $200,000 already for the ECHO project (the flagship component of the Grantmakers Challenge for Children); the remaining $580,000 will be available through five grant rounds focusing on six areas of emphasis.

This year, updates to the Springfield grantmaking program include:

• A new grantmaking opportunity that is part of a collaborative effort between the Community Foundation of the Ozarks and the Musgrave Foundation. The “Children’s Ventures” grantmaking program makes a total $50,000 available to organizations addressing the challenges facing young people. Specific deadlines for this opportunity will be announced in early 2009, with the timing intended to closely parallel the Foundation’s “Children’s Issues in Education” grant cycle.
• The addition of a grant round focused on senior citizen issues. These grants promote the well-being, accessibility of services, recreational and educational opportunities for senior members of the community. $80,000 is available for grants in this field.
• The Arts Programming Sustainability Initiative (APSI) will award grants designed to promote and implement programs as part of Springfield’s Regional Cultural Development Plan. $80,000 is available for grants in this field. This replaces the former Arts & Culture grant round.
• An updated version of the education grant round called Children’s Issues in Education which more specifically supports projects that facilitate innovative learning opportunities for children, progressive teaching strategies for professionals in the field and/or needed resources for educators and adults.

In keeping with precedent, grant proposals should directly address “red flag” issues identified in the Community Focus: A Report for Springfield and Greene County (available here). Additional details and the application are available here.