Upper White River Basin Foundation completes water quality survey

“How’s the water?”

We take that question for granted in a place like the Ozarks, with so many twisting miles of rivers and shoreline. Rapid growth in the region – in no small part because of the abundant natural resources – has placed considerable pressure on those resources. Maintaining water quality is therefore an essential part of keeping the area economically and naturally viable.

Dedicated to preserving the water quality in the Upper White River watershed, the Upper White River Basin Foundation has published its first “Status of the Watershed” report. Funded in part with a $38,800 grant in 2008 from the Louis and Dorothy Coover Regional Grantmaking Program, a partnership between Commerce Trust Company and CFO, this report helps answer the question above.

“Status of the Watershed” is a scientifically-based report using water quality data from ten sampling sites located throughout the White River Basin. To produce the report, the organization worked with the U.S. Geological Survey which collected and analyzed water samples from the sites. The Foundation developed an index based on the data that scores each site on a scale from 0 to 100 and assigns a letter grade to each site. The report is intended to generate public awareness about water quality in the region. Results from the survey are “mixed,” and reveal potential for improvement.

Results and the full report are available on the Upper White River Basin Foundation’s website at, www.uwrb.org. In the fall, two additional measures will be added to the report.

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