YEP Grant Funds Fassnight Creek Clean-up

A Youth Empowerment Project grant that was awarded to the Parkview High School Green Team and student cabinet funded the Saturday, April 26th student-led effort to remove trash and debris from Fassnight Creek along a half-mile stretch between Campbell Avenue and Grant Street. This meandering part of Fassnight Creek borders and bisects historic Fassnight Park, which features construction elements from the Works Progress Administration of the 1930’s. Nearly 20 P.H.S. volunteers participated in the effort, and they collected nine bags of recyclables, sixteen bags of trash, and removed several construction-related objects from the stream bed.

The YEP grant funded the purchase of gloves, bags, and trash “jabbers” that allowed the students to nab some of the nastiest articles that had found their way into the stream. These items will allow P.H.S. Green Team members to provide stream stewardship for years to come. Parkview freshman Carsen Miller said it best: “The stuff we took out was really icky, but I am glad that we did it. In fact, the ducks that were swimming in the stream seemed to appreciate our efforts!”

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